20 Jun 2016

FTC Provides Staff Comment on FCC Proposal to Amend its Regulations On Use of Robocalls to Collect Debts Owed to or Guaranteed by Federal Government

  • Last Updated June 20, 2016 at 6PM

The FTC recently submitted a staff comment to the FCC regarding proposed amendments to FCC regulations limiting robocalls to consumers. The amendments raise concerns for consumer protection among FTC staffers, implementing new changes in laws allowing robocalls to collect debt owed to the federal government without a consumer’s prior consent. The FTC comment advises the creation of government debt collecting standards that are consistent with other FTC enforced laws.              

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4/6/2016 6:33:59 AM
Gryphon Networks, a leading sales intelligence service provider, and Belmont Savings Bank, a leading chartered Massachusetts bank, have successfully deployed Gryphon’s patented Sales Intelligence Platform to establish a data-driven approach to Bank Branch sales effectiveness and improve overall management operations. Belmont has implemented the cloud-based platform across its 30 bankers in six branches in Massachusetts.
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