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Simplify Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

The only way to ensure the right prospect receives the right message via the right channel at the right time - while in compliance with marketing privacy regulations - is to centralize marketing communications in a single repository that is easily accessible to all departments, remote offices and any third-party marketing vendors.

Gryphon's centralized contact governance system:

  • Ensures message consistency and adherence to consumer preferences across each marketing channel
  • Quantifies consumer interactions with your company in real-time
  • Provides tools for enforcing internal policies as well as marketing privacy regulatory requirements
  • Allows marketers to better manage customer relationships at the granular level to prevent wasted marketing dollars.
Gryphon’s suite of cloud-based services centralize phone, email, and text message marketing campaigns across an enterprise and multiple third-party vendors. Our services automatically keep our clients in compliance with all relevant marketing privacy regulations while allowing them to optimize their marketing communications to increase their effectiveness.

Learn how Gryphon's Core CRM can simplify your multi-channel marketing campaigns