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Manage Regulatory Exemptions

Your agents can contact consumers otherwise blocked by Do-Not-Call or other marketing privacy laws if your business is able to take advantage of legal exemptions in those laws, such as Established Business Relationships (EBR) exemptions 

There are consumer connections unique to your organization and unavailable to your competition. Gryphon enables businesses to capitalize these exemptions, providing access to a new lead pool that has been built on consumer interest and that typically closes at a much higher rate. 

Exemption requirements vary greatly by jurisdiction and are constantly evolving, but Gryphon can help your business apply them correctly, continuously monitor the regulatory landscape, and automatically incorporate any changes.

Gryphon Exemption Management:

  • Increases your marketing reach by as much as 60% versus blanket adherence to Do-Not-Call registries
  • Brings back qualified leads unavailable to your competition and primed for conversion
  • Effectively manages over suppression and grow your prospect pool
  • Manage EBRs down to a campaign, product or brand level
Learn How Core Phone centralizes exemption management across an enterprise.