Solutions Gryphon is the leader in contact governance solutions providing marketing compliance and sales intelligence to Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Improve Sales Oversight

Overseeing increasingly dispersed and highly mobile sales teams requires enterprise-wide visibility and accurate activity data. That requires enterprise-wide visibility through the cloud. Furthermore, that data is only as useful as the actionable intelligence mangers can derive from it.

Gryphon's web-based client portal centralizes your business's contact governance and agent performance data, making it easy to generate customized summary, detail and waterfall reports as well as providing real-time oversight. The portal provides access to a suite of Gryphon products delivering centralized data collection and robust analytics managers can use to improve sales productivity and effectiveness in a targeted, efficient manner.

Gryphon's Core Voice cloud-based call recording can:

  • Reduce training costs by eliminating the need for either new hires to shadow experienced agents or managers to listen in
  • Provide managers reliable, actionable reports on agent activity
  • Generate automatic push alerts for specified keywords, emotion triggers, and more
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