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Identify More Cross-sell & Up-sell Opportunities

Give your business an edge with the ability to capture and interpret qualitative and quantitative information from every phone call your agents make.

In the face of aggressive marketing across phone, direct mail, email, text and social media channels, consumers are getting more selective about with whom they share their contact information as well as their time and attention. Engaging or winning a consumers' business is just the first step: In order to thrive in this marketplace, marketing and sales is required to get smarter, more agile and more effective with the customer conversations to take advantage of every cross-sell and upselling opportunity.

Gryphon's Core Phone allows managers to monitor trends and phrases that indicate customers' interests and preferences. With real-time data and push reports and alerts, managers can identify new opportunities to cross-sell consumers complimentary products or upsell them more expensive packages.

Learn How Core Phone centralizes enterprise-wide inbound and outbound phone-based communications.