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Email/Text Marketing Compliance

Regulations governing phone communications with customers and prospects have multiplied and grown stronger in the last dozen years, and regulations governing digital marketing communications, particularly email and text, are following the same pattern.

The US federal CAN-SPAM Act, passed in 2003, aimed to make it easy for consumer to opt-out of unsolicited email marketing messages. That law is about to be surpassed by the far more restrictive Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) which aims to create an opt-in framework for all electronic marketing communications sent to Canadians.

There are several significant differences between these laws, not least of which the fines levied against violators: businesses found in violation of CASL could pay as much as $10 million Canadian dollars per infraction.

Gryphon's Core Email Clearinghouse can automatically collect and apply those legal exemptions and document express consent to contact a consumer via email. It is the only centralized, secure, and cloud-based email certification repository system that not only ensures compliance with CASL, but also with Do Not Email, VIP, FCC Wireless Domain name, and US DMA Do Not Email Lists.

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