Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard

An Intelligent Approach to Managing Your Sales Team

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Take control and forecast with confidence knowing your team is measured to an accurate standard to accomplish revenue goals.

Sales KPIs to Empower You

  • Discover and institute best practices
  • Set benchmarks to measure effectiveness
  • Compare key sales metrics by group or person
  • Reduce rep evaluation and training time

A Sales Dashboard You Can Trust

CAPTURE sales and service calling activity from reps using any phone or device. USE that information to track sales KPIs that matter to you. VIEW the data in easy to interpret graphical displays. MANAGE your distributed team like they were in a centralized call center. 

Configure Quick Stat modules and Watchlists that give you instant insight into your sales team's calls, made from any device, anywhere. 



Call Results

Gryphon's sales dashboard displays the custom dispositions that are most important to you, with accuracy you can trust.

Gryphon G Score: Key Sales Metrics Aggregated

The Gryphon G-Score is a percentage that reflects top line sales efficiency by combining your most important sales KPIs into one critical score and trend over time:
  1. Call Attempts vs. Goal
  2. Total Contacts to Total Calls
  3. Appointments Set Ratio
At-a-glance, you can know the general health of campaign outreach, reward performance, or intervene quickly if results are trending down. A score that exceeds 100 indicates goals are being surpassed.


See your top and low performers across important KPIs within regions, offices, or at the company level. Detect consistent performance and set benchmarks for future training purposes.


Call Attempt Frequency

Studies show that the average number of calls required to successfully reach a prospect live is 6. With Gryphon, you can measure and track frequency to ensure your team isn't burning valuable leads and adhering to company best practices.


Total Contacts

In this widget, you will be able to set a benchmark and know with great accuracy if your team is on target with the necessary number of conversations that lead to a desired goal.


Total Calls

The Total Calls widget reports the total number of call attempts made compared to the desired goal. 
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