Products Cloud services to enable compliance and sales visibility for global sales forces.

Target Analytics

Target Analytics provides call-center level granular activity reporting and robust analytics for your distributed sales force. It collects data automatically and in real-time to turn conversational data into actionable intelligence to improve sales productivity and effectiveness as well as service quality across your enterprise. 

Automatic CRM synchronization:

Sync with Salesforce, Oracle OnDemand Access, and other existing CRMs.

Track customized metrics:

Track metrics like number of calls made, the length of conversations, leads followed up and speed of response by office or agent and customize reports based on your needs.

Real-time summary activity data:

Get call-center level metrics for every sales or customer service team that eliminates self-reporting.

Intelligent analytics:

Data from multiple interaction sources automatically aggregated, allowing you to view trends over time and track script adherence scores.

Emotion alerts:

Voice analysis triggers alerts for irritation, anger, happiness, and more, as well as specific word or phrase usage. Identify patterns in customer discussions across large volumes of voice data easily with graphical interpretation. Access trouble spots quickly, identify new training opportunities, and improve agent capabilities based on company priorities.

Gryphon Portal

Continuously monitor compliance with Do-Not-Call regulations at the state, federal and self-regulatory organization (SRO) level. Eliminate your exposure with Gryphon's fully warranted solution and even track fines avoided.

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