Products Cloud services to enable compliance and sales visibility for global sales forces.

Core Phone Mobile

Core Phone Mobile is the world's leading cloud-based sales intelligence and direct marketing compliance solution for mobile and field-based sales teams. This downloadable app for iPhone and Android is just one of the many access methods available to Core Phone customers.

Real-time compliance:

Core Phone Mobile ensures the same 100% guaranteed Do-Not-Call compliance as all our solutions. The app checks every dial against state, federal, and other Do-Not-Call lists, applies any available exemptions, and either allows the call or blocks it automatically.

Dynamic preference management:

Agents can update consumer's marketing preferences with dedicated disposition keys during or after a call.

Complete flexibility:

Core Phone Mobile makes it easier than ever for distributed sales and marketing agents to remain fully compliant with all Do-Not-Call regulations as well as all company-specific contact rules while using any smartphone. Our app combines management visibility to sales activity and total compliance with the personal flexibility expected by modern work forces relying on mixed-use devices.

Call Recording with Target Analytics:

Core Phone Mobile supports Core Voice, Gryphon's carrier-grade call recording service that captures and measures voice data to enable real-time review for audit, training, and quality assurance purposes. The Core Phone Mobile app also supports Gryphon's Target Analytics, enabling managers to quickly interpret large volumes of conversational data through sales effectiveness scoring, script compliance, and configurable email alerts.

Extended visible enterprise:

Gryphon clients enjoy a unified platform that connects marketing activity generated from mobile workers into a single enterprise view. With 75% of a modern firm's marketing activity taking place outside a traditional office, Core Phone Mobile makes it simple to collect and review activity data real-time.

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