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Core Phone for Consumer Debt Collection

Gryphon's Core Phone for Consumer Debt Collection applies enterprise-level rules and captures call activity data to help companies engaging in consumer debt collection comply with key facets of the CFPB debt collection guidelines, federal and state specific regulations and the industry-specific rules.

The Core Phone platform is a cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with automated as well as manual calling systems. Core Phone automatically screens outbound collections calls in real-time within the public switch telephone network via traditional wire line and SIP/VoIP technologies, blocking curfew-restricted calls, controlling call frequency and includes secure cloud call recording from any phone.

Core Phone for Consumer Debt Collection:

  • Requires no new hardware, software, or IT administration costs and is fully compatible with any type of calling equipment
  • Includes user initiated or automatic compliant call recording for agents calling from any phone
  • Provides automatic compliance with federal and state-specific call curfew restrictions
  • Adheres to enhanced wireless number rules engine for compliance with automated dialing guidelines
  • Allows for client-specific daily and monthly call frequency controls set by individual account to combat abusive collections practices
  • Includes campaign management tool for the administration of collections activity by client and management of company-specific Do-Not-Call list management by campaign
  • Geographic restrictions to prohibit calling into certain states or area codes for license or territory management reasons
  • Activity reports to help companies accurately measure compliance and gain visibility across the enterprise from a simple web interface
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