Gryphon Unveils World’s First Enterprise Compliance and Sales Productivity Solution for Teleservices Firms

June 12, 2012
New offering incorporates TeleBlock functions with industry-leading, real-time Do-Not-Call services and cloud-based activity tracking, to drive sales and marketing effectiveness.NORWOOD, MA 6/7/12 — Gryphon, the global leader in contact governance and compliance solutions, announces the general availability of Core Phone,™ an enterprise-level Do-Not-Call (DNC) compliance and sales-performance solution for sales and marketing organizations.Core Phone is a real-time, network-delivered service that certifies all outbound telephone calls for compliance with federal, state, and industry-specific DNC laws and restrictions. With Core Phone, calls are either blocked or allowed by the Gryphon service, which dynamically incorporates each campaign’s business-specific internal DNC lists, opt-outs, and legally callable established business relationships, to maximize the number of connected calls.Core Phone is designed to address the needs of thousands of organizations worldwide, with sales and marketing personnel who work across distributed geographies such as contact centers, branch offices, home offices, and third-party vendor sites, all of whom make and receive sales, marketing, or customer-service telephone calls.Unlike the traditional list-scrubbing services that many companies use for DNC compliance, Core Phone is built into the telecommunications carrier network. This patented, network-based deployment allows for a carrier-grade, highly available and reliable environment that doesn’t require any network adjustments or user input.With as much as 70% of a company’s marketing taking place outside large offices, Core Phone addresses the information deficit and liability gaps that are created, by managing activity in dispersed locations.“Most large companies are familiar with sales-activity management tools that improve contact-center productivity and ensure compliance,” says Jeff Fotta, president of Gryphon. “But there has been no practical way for these companies to incorporate employees who work outside the contact center without increasing their IT costs and administration. With the availability of Core Phone, the millions of sales and marketing employees who work both inside and outside the call center can take advantage of the same capabilities, without requiring them to enter any additional information into their phones. They can just dial and talk.” The key benefits of Core Phone can be summarized in four areas:Enterprise “Any Phone, Anywhere” AccessCore Phone incorporates the leading access methods for contact compliance into a unified platform, designed to improve sales performance and minimize enterprise risk and liability. Combining Gryphon’s pioneering Call Advisor toll-free service with the true “pick-up-the-phone” TeleBlock service capabilities acquired in 2010, Core Phone is the first and only service with the ability to scale from the largest contact-center, automated-dialer sales operations down to branch offices, home offices, and even cell phones.Enterprise VisibilityCore Phone subscribers enjoy enhanced activity reports so that companies can accurately measure marketing effectiveness and interpret the data collected, and use it to make decisions to improve their business. From a simple web interface, managers can view activity detail in summary form, by region, location, sales team, and agent, right down to a single call on a single day.Enterprise Sales ProductivityCore Phone's sophisticated engine incorporates each company’s business rules, procedures, and proprietary business relationships into a contact-governance profile. This ensures the highest level of marketing effectiveness, by minimizing DNC blocks and encouraging calling based on each consumer’s preferences. Business-to-business calling can also be configured to eliminate the over-suppressive consumer-protection rules that may not be applicable to registered business-telephone numbers. The results are a higher conversion rate and better conversations.Enterprise Risk MitigationCore Phone is a 100% warranted and indemnified technology, so Gryphon’s clients can be sure that they are in compliance with the many federal, state, and industry-specific DNC and other telemarketing laws. Call-curfew, wireless, permission-to-continue, no-rebuttal, holiday, and state-of-emergency restrictions are controlled automatically, along with the enhanced rules for wireless number dialing, with or without automated dialing equipment. Additionally, companies can control dialing frequency and apply agent- or location-specific restrictions at an enterprise level.With Gryphon Core Phone, companies can capture objective sales and marketing activity for any agent, working from anywhere, without requiring costly hardware, software, and IT administration resources — capital investments that have traditionally limited deployment outside the contact-center space.“There's a familiar saying, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,’” adds Fotta. “By capturing all call activity for a distributed sales force and returning meaningful reports to managers, we can help our clients ensure the observance of company policies, identify training needs, benchmark desired behavior, and remedy problems quickly. This enables them to make better hiring choices, retain the best of the best, and improve service to their customers.”For more information about Core Phone, please visit http://www.gryphonnetworks.com/core-access/phone-based-services or call  866-366-6822 .About GryphonGryphon is the leading provider of cloud-based Agent Performance Management (APM) solutions for distributed financial-services, insurance, vacation-ownership, utilities, and retail sales-and-marketing personnel. www.gryphonnetworks.com`