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09 Feb 2017

When Do You Give Consent and When Do You Revoke It?

  • Last Updated February 09, 2017 at 5PM
What does it mean to revoke consent? Unfortunately, the FCC has left that open to interpretation. The FCC declared that revocation of consent can be made by any “reasonable means” as long as a consumer makes it clear that they do not want to receives any further calls from a particular business.  Read More

12 Dec 2013

The Next Steps for Your Digital, Mobile Marketing are Intelligent Activity Reporting and Adherence to Consumer Preferences

  • Last Updated December 10, 2013 at 3PM

Recent data shows the growth rate of year-over-year spending in digital marketing for the financial services industry is slowing down. This means the finance industry’s digital marketing efforts are maturing. The next step will be to fine-tune those efforts with better reporting and a greater focus on marketing according to consumer preferences.

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