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What is Sales Intelligence?

In the business world, the smartest companies have to find and apply every advantage possible to gain competitive advantage and grow revenue, a firm’s sales organization can be the golden goose, or its Achilles heel. 


Whether your sales team is your greatest asset or liability depends greatly with your company’s commitment to driving consistent sales behavior, benchmarks and continuous improvement.  This can only be accomplished with a clear understanding of what behavior makes a great rep successful, and leading others to that standard. But companies are faced with two critical gaps in their ability to capture and apply sales activity data. 


The Information Gap - The quantitative and qualitative data generated from sales and marketing telephone calls, e-mails and text messages to communicate with customers and prospects each and every day is a rich asset that can be leveraged to improve performance of workers when obtained quickly and applied sparingly. 


The Visibility Gap - To complicate matters companies these days are highly distributed in sales folks can use a myriad of devices in order to communicate with customers and prospects. Because of this, many of this interaction data is lost.


Gryphon Sales Intelligence: The Missing Link Between the “Rep” and Revenue


While traditional CRM systems do a very good job at revenue forecasting by contact, account or opportunity, a gap of information exists in the actual interactions that sales reps make with their customers to generate opportunity. With Gryphon Sales Intelligence solutions, every consumer interaction on every phone call that your sales people make can be measured and compared by office, rep, region or even at the enterprise level. Even customer conversations can be captured and analyzed all without requiring any new hardware any new equipment or any new telephone carrier.


The needle in the haystack…


With Gryphon, managers and supervisors will not need to sift through hours of audio and pages of call detail reports or hire a team of analysts or technicians to try to identify relevant sales activity information. Rather, Gryphon’s robust reporting engine can be configured to “listen” for important thresholds, keywords, phrases and send email alert to management in real-time to take quick action or troubleshoot issues.